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At Tidy Tails Grooming you can ensure that your dog has a quiet one on one experience

Hello I am Lindsay, the owner and operator of Tidy Tails Grooming. I’m just going to let you know a little bit about how I got my start in the grooming industry and what brought me to where I am today!

I am going to start from the beginning. From a very young age I have always loved animals. When I was little I did not watch cartoons. Instead, I watched Animal Planet. My favorite shows being Dogs 101 and Steve Irwin: The Crocodile Hunter. My parents were always amazed by my knowledge of all species, even being so little!

As I got older my focus drew in on horses and dogs. I got involved in Youth Rodeo and through my horse endeavors; I learned responsibility, time management, and commitment. This is also where I met a wonderful friend who introduced me to the dog grooming world. During the end of my High School career I needed a job to help pay for my horses, which is when I got hired at a credible dog grooming salon in Elizabeth Township.

I started as a bather and was quickly thrown into the hustle of the salon. The longer I worked there, the more interested I became about the actual grooming process. I fell in love with the idea being able to take a dog that was dirty, scraggly, and grimy and making it feel squeaky clean, neat, and beautiful! After a few years, there was an opportunity to train to become a groomer and I jumped on it without ever looking back!

Always having the passion to own my own business; I started to work toward that dream. Slowly I bought my own equipment. My parents so graciously gave me the space to start out in, and my wonderful husband renovated the salon where I currently work now.

I could not be happier with where I am at now. I have wonderful customers. I love the ability to work one on one with every single dog that comes into my salon, and adapt to each of thier special needs. Whether they are old and need more support; nervous and need a little more calming energy; or aggressive and need understanding. Figuring a dog out and getting the grooming process done safely and efficiently is my favorite thing to do, and I couldn’t be happier doing it!

Thank you for checking out Tidy Tails Grooming!

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