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Music Studio to open in March

Trafford will soon be welcoming a new business, Dynamic Music Studio to its streets. Owner Ashley Glessner will be renting the space at 437 Cavitt Avenue, across from Dom’s Pizzeria.
Glesser has received a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Music Technology and Performance from Duquesne University. She also has over 10 years of experience teaching and performing music and has stated that all instructors working at Dynamic Music Studio Co. hold at least a bachelor’s degree in music or theater with some also holding a degree as high as a master’s.
The studio will hold both private and group lessons. Private lessons include piano, voice and orchestral strings while group lessons will be given for beginning piano, voice and musical theater groups.

The prices for instruction is dependent on the instrument and whether or not it will be given privately or as a group. Group classes start at $70 for 4-weeks of lessons while private lessons may cost anywhere from $105-$175 depending on the duration of the lesson. Lessons can be taught for a 30 or 60 minute period.

“I personally have been teaching at another music studio in Penn-Trafford and I’m looking to bring that musical culture closer to downtown Trafford. Currently there are no music studios within 5 miles of our new location and we hope to bring fresh life and joy back into the community.” said Glessner
Despite over 20 years of experience teaching music, Dynamic Music Studio Co. will be Glessner’s first time single-handily owning and directing a music studio.

Glessner added, “I hope to see downtown Trafford grow and thrive with life once again. In addition, I’d like to be able to help grow and strengthen other businesses in the district through referrals and support of their businesses as well.
The studio is planned to open on March 2nd of 2020

New Cycle / ATV Shop Opening

23-year old Ryan Boby is bringing his passion for motorcycles into Trafford. With over a decade of experience in terms of motorcycle repairs, the borough is happy to welcome his expertise into their arms.

Boby’s business, called Ryan’s Performance Racing, will open on 330 Brinton Avenue. Living in Trafford for 10-years, Boby is extremely family with the area and believes that bringing his work to Trafford was a perfect opportunity. Boby will offer everything from oil and tire changes to complete engine and suspension rebuilds, along with selling parts, accessories, clothing and other items. In the near future, Boby will be preparing to do vehicle inspections.

At only 16-years old, Boby began working at a dealership and has had 17 years of motorcycle riding experience. He also has certificates for FCR suspension and Racetech suspensions and attend the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Phoenix, Arizona. “Throughout my early years, working on and rebuilding motorcycles and ATVs was something I spent late nights, often sleepless nights and endless hard work, doing and improving day by day. It is something I have worked at and strived for my whole life, since childhood.” Boby explained.

While the prices of his services will differ depending on the job and model, there are set prices for some typical jobs. Scanning applicable motorcycles will cost $55, which he claims is $20-$30 cheaper than large dealerships.

“I would really like to see more people enjoying the outdoors and getting away from electronics.” Boby began, “Being able to provide services that most people don’t know how to do themselves at an affordable cost, should help with giving families options at, recreational activities. With being close friends with Dave Zigarovich, who owns Vee’s Garage, between the two of us, we are able to keep any vehicle running and safely.”